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A good immigration lawyer can pave the path to a brighter future for his or her clients. This is exactly what David Gervais aspires to accomplish while handling an array of immigration cases. From work visas to deportation defense, the Plattsburgh, New York lawyer handles all elements of immigration law.

David Gervais’ past work in immigration law has allowed numerous clients to avoid unfortunate circumstances abroad and create better lives for themselves and their families in the United States. His passion for immigration law is immediately evident to the clients he serves; these clients greatly appreciate his thorough understanding of immigration regulations, as well as his zealous approach to all immigration cases.

Immigration Services at the Law Office of David Gervais

The Law Office of David Gervais handles a wide array of immigration matters. Many of David Gervais’ clients approach the law firm in hopes of obtaining green cards or temporary visas. Determining which type of visa is appropriate for a specific situation can be difficult; if you are unsure as to how you should proceed, you are encouraged to get in touch with David Gervais.

In addition to assisting clients with visas, David Gervais guides aspiring citizens through the complicated naturalization process. He offers targeted advice to those who wish to achieve citizenship through naturalization, highlighting the steps that must be taken if naturalization is not yet possible.

Attorney David Gervais has handled several types of visas including L-1 visas for companies wishing to transfer an employee to their American subsidiary. Over the years, David has developed many contacts within the immigration law field and can rely on a solid network of dedicated immigration attorneys in Montreal, New York, Buffalo, Chicago and San Francisco.

Deportation Defense

One of the most pressing issues related to immigration law is that of imminent deportation. Although immigrants can be deported for a number of reasons, proceedings often begin with criminal allegations. David Gervais’ combined background in criminal defense and immigration law makes him an especially valuable resource for those in the midst of deportation cases that involve criminal charges. Criminal cases are stressful in and of themselves, but the possibility of deportation is especially troubling.

If criminal allegations have you feeling worried about your ability to remain in the United States, it may be in your best interest to get in touch with a trusted criminal and immigration lawyer. 

David Gervais: Compassionate Immigration Representation

Whether you require assistance with consular processing or are currently dealing with the prospect of deportation, you can count on David Gervais for proactive immigration representation. A respected attorney with an excellent reputation throughout Clinton County, David Gervais is passionate about helping immigrants achieve their dreams in the United States.

Contact the Law Office of David Gervais today for professional and comprehensive legal representation for your immigration case.