David Gervais is the founder and principle attorney at the Law office of David Gervais, with offices in Plattsburgh, NY, serving clients in Clinton County, New York state, and the Montreal region. He is an experienced attorney in the areas of criminal law and immigration law who has helped many clients successfully resolve a wide range of complex legal issues. He is an aggressive advocate for his clients and works hard to achieve the best possible resolution.


Mr. Gervais is an experienced practitioner of criminal defense and immigration law who began his career in upstate New York in private practice at Ruchelman and Cruikshank PC and Niles, Piller & Bracy, PLLC. After four years of learning the trade under some of the best attorneys in the region, he opened his own firm and initially focused exclusively on criminal defense, gaining experience one case, one client at a time. He gained a reputation as a thoughtful, meticulous and thorough defense counsel who went the distance for his clients. He eventually was asked to serve as the staff defense counsel in two specialized treatment courts, Clinton County Drug Court and Plattsburgh City Court Mental Health Court, which he did with great satisfaction. Over time, satisfied clients referred friends and family for diverse matters that sent Mr. Gervais to state and federal courts all over the State of New York. He intervened on behalf of defrauded investors in a $150 million fraud case in Chicago. On behalf of clients, in order to support defense claims, he has interviewed witnesses in Florida, Canada, Wyoming and China, among other places. In 2014, in addition to his criminal defense work, he has worked as a consultant in immigration and corporate matters for a large Canadian immigration firm.

Practice Areas

Attorney Gervais devotes a large portion of his practice to defending the rights of the accused in criminal law matters. He has successfully represented clients in a wide variety of cases, ranging from misdemeanors to complex felony cases. He is an aggressive advocate for his clients who actively protects his clients’ rights both inside and outside the courtroom.

Attorney Gervais’ practice also includes a focus on immigration law. He counsels individuals, families, and businesses facing immigration issues. He has worked on securing L-1 Visas, and has the network and connections to effectively counsel companies looking to expand into the United states. He has cooperated on several occasions with experienced and well-established professionals and as a result, Attorney Gervais has access to a team that can provide seamless representation and includes tax specialists and corporate attorneys.


David Gervais is committed to providing his clients with personalized legal counsel and dedicated service. He will take the time to explain your options and carefully answer your questions. He works closely with each client to develop the best strategy for their case and to provide the legal counsel they need to favorably resolve their legal matter.  At the Law Office of David Gervais, we stand by you every step of the way.

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