Director: Risk Management

Over the years, David fought a few difficult citations on our behalf or for our drivers with great success. He also helped us to contest an FMCSA audit. No doubt in my mind that if something wrong should happen in New York State, David is our Lawyer.

– Posted by Guy October 29, 2015 *****

CDL Saver!

By trade I am a teamster in the pipeline construction field which requires that I have a class A CDL, various endorsements, CLEAN driving record, subject to federal DOT regulations and lots of skill. On 9/11/15 i was pulled over for DOT inspection and while the equipment passed I did not. A check of my license dug up 5 scoff offenses dated back to 1994 & 2000. My NY driving privileges were suspended immediately. Me not being able to do my job shut down a 40 million dollar project. All 5 violations carried points. Points equal uninsurable. Uninsurable equals unemployable.

My home state is Arkansas which made me unfamiliar with local attorneys and most especially New York law. I googled attorneys in upstate New York made several calls which ended with leaving voicemails. I was given town names and court numbers so I began contacting them myself. The following Tuesday I had an appearance in Beekmantown and was feeling like a sheep being led to slaughter. About 45 minutes from my destination Mr Gervais returned my call from Friday.

I gave him the short version of my dilemma and without hesitation he started making calls on my behalf and I hadn’t even met the man. We met at his office in Plattsburgh and after consulting with him very briefly he advised he was confident he could get me out of a 20 year old canundrum AND save my license. He told me not to worry and he would be in touch. The 5 tickets were in 3 different towns which meant 3 different courts. By the end of that day he had contacted each court explained he had been retained to handle the matters AND had my driving privileges back!! I was amazed at how quickly efficiently and professionally I saw results. Within 3-4 weeks the deal was done. He was able to get some dismissed while others were lessened in severity. And best of all he was able to save my CDL and I was not assessed any points whatsoever.

If I could keep him on retainer to represent me no matter what state I was in I definitely would. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

– Posted by Andy October 28, 2015 *****

Exceptional Lawyer

I have unfortunately had many run ins with the law and many different lawyers, no one ever fought for me. During my first experience with Dave I was nervous from being screwed so much but Dave fought for me until he got what we wanted. Dave would wear the DA out to the point the DA would be so sick of it and agree. Not once did I do jail time or probation. I Promise, hire Dave you will not be disappointed. He really is the best.

– A Client *****