Getting charged with a crime starts a process that is overwhelming and filed with potential pitfalls. It pits the individual defendant against the formidable resources of  state or federal governments. Entering that process without solid legal representation from a New York criminal defense lawyer places any defendant at a serious disadvantage. With the help of the Law Office of David Gervais, you can expect to be fully informed at every step of the way and to have a dedicated and zealous advocate in your corner who works hard for you. Skillfully representing clients since 2007, Attorney David Gervais is recognized by his peers as being a dedicated and zealous advocate.

Criminal Charges Carry Stiff Penalties

If you are facing criminal charges, exploring and building a solid defense is essential because of the dire consequences of a conviction in New York. If you are convicted of your charges, you face the potential for jail time, heavy fines, community service, the loss of your driving privileges and a record that will follow you for years. This can be avoided with the help of the right lawyer.

Whether helping you defend your innocence or working to lessen the severity of the consequences you face, David Gervais will work tirelessly to help you through this process and defend you in court. Attorney Gervais believes that your freedom should not be taken for granted, and is going to defend you aggressively for as long as it takes. Time and time again, Attorney Gervais has shown his total dedication to his client’s causes. He is known for offering creative sentencing solutions that preserve his client’s freedom and lessen the severity of a sentence.

Building a Tough Defense Starts with the Right Attorney

The key to protecting your rights and liberty when you face criminal charges is building a solid defense. This starts with a thorough understanding of the charges pending against you coupled with an intimate familiarity with the protections offered by the Constitution. Building a solid, strong defense is the key to protecting your rights and interests throughout this process, and that is where the services of attorney David Gervais can help.

Remember, criminal accusations are serious and carry the potential for stiff penalties. Don’t put your future on the line. Trust the Law Office of David Gervais to work tirelessly to defend you and to provide you with a zealous advocate.

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